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Kalimi Project Management

Kalimi Project Management offers tech firms extensive project management services, covering all aspects of a project's lifespan from concept to market implementation. We also provide project development services, investing in tech ventures and startups from seed funding to further rounds.
We're with you every step of the way helping to plan and execute every step of the development process on time and within the allocated budget.

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Kalimi Project Management was established in Norway in 2016, by a group of tech analyst founder-partners. We offer our international clientele a wide range of project management and development services, specifically tailored for the tech sector.
Our managers make use of our exclusive management and planning software to help plan, manage and monitor the progress of projects and keep track of a multitude of parameters including supply chain, HR, budgets, etc. The software acts as an invaluable tool but would be pointless without our team members.
Our project managers are embedded in our client's business, dealing with such matters as schedule management, hiring crew members, keeping track of expenditures, as well as carrying quality assurance, as this is our leading priority.

Our Team

At Kalimi Project Management we believe that the basis of success is our team. We invite the only most experienced and professional experts to join us. Our dedicated team members include project managers, planners, tech experts, analysts, budget supervisors, investment and finance professionals, our in-house team of professionals work in conjunction with a trusted network of associates and advisors, who together form a highly capable crew, poised to provide services on a global basis.

Comprehensive Service Package

Whether you require our project management services, or you are looking for our financial backing and development services Kalimi Project Management offers a comprehensive package covering the lifespan of projects from concept to launch, or in the case of development, all aspects from concept through funding rounds and on to all stages of product development.
Whatever your requirements, we are here to provide the best possible solutions.

Project Management

Kalimi Project Management's experts provide our clients with an extensive service package tailored to their specific needs. Our service includes all phases of a projects' lifespan. We are in a key position to provide you with the benefit of our team's professional knowledge and experience to make your project a success, running smoothly, on time and budget.
Our professionals are available to provide around the clock assistance throughout the lifespan of the project.

Depending on the client's requirement our service package can include some or more of the following:

Concept definition

Budget analysis

Project plan

Risk assessment


Feasibility surveys

Legal and contractual


Team hire and management



Supply chain

Project supervision


Performance analysis & monitoring

Schedule and expenditure monitoring

Customer liaise

Sourcing associates, partners and contractors

Contact us right now to find out how Kalimi Project Management can assist you in planning and managing your upcoming project. Our project management team representative will contact you to schedule an introductory meeting.


Kalimi Project Management supports and invests in tech ventures and startups. We also use our experience and extensive network of connections throughout the industry to raise funds and interest investors in these ventures.
Our relationship with ventures we have funded goes far beyond the financial aspect. Our professionals act as supporting guides, working closely with investee firms and assisting them in planning and implementing their project, defining goals, responsibilities, timeframe and budgetary requirements etc.
As funding stakeholders we see ourselves as full partners in these ventures and take them from concept to market entry and beyond.
We also aid companies to apply for government development grants, for instance EU development grants, based on our knowledge of relevant policies and regulations. Our consultants help with all the necessary preparations, matching the clients with potential stakeholders and partners and accompanying them through the application process.

Contact us right now to find out how Kalimi Project Management can assist your venture raise funding and set out on the road to being a commercially viable, marketable asset. Our project development team representative will contact you to schedule an introductory meeting.


To learn more about Kalimi Project Management's extensive project management and development selection of services send us a message below, Our team representative will be in touch to arrange an initial meeting.